by CiG

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the DEBUT Solo album from CiG from CKY or for t shirts and merch

contact email. chadcky@gmail


released July 7, 2015

all songs Written,Performed,Produced,Mixed and Mastered by Chad I Ginsburg

all Vocals,Guitar,Bass,Synths,Percussion - Chad I Ginsburg
Drums- Stik I Gizzards

c2015 Dip Gizzards Music
c2015 Generation Overdone



all rights reserved

about Los Angeles, California

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let me be ,let me ride
fill my veins with overdrive
let me be , let me ride
make your brains become alive

well i'm gettin' sick of this
end of my rope
i got the top rolled down
and i light up a smoke
w my nine lives, i'm startin' it up
so get your ugly kids outta the road
i'll getcha

let's hear that,lets hear that

become alive

hellbent and furious
and throttled to choke
and yes, i'm god damn serious
an obvious joke
and to your demise
i'm takin' you down
so get your dumb ass, outta my town

well i'm way ahead of you, you better run
i got my mind on my millions ,still look like a scum
and this is my time and i aint' comin' back
when i've had enough, i'll start the attack
i'll getcha
Track Name: DEAD TO YOU
i won't complain , when you disappear
take all the blame, and all the fear
like nothin new , i'm dead to you

it's all the same while i'm sitting here
forget the day, forget the year
like nothin new, i'm dead to you

through the haze, and the smoke, i awake as you go
like nothin new ,i'm dead to you

well nowadays it's a lonely ride
people are strange on the other side
like nothin new , i'm dead to you

we've made mistakes, we may have lied
i'm wide awake tho my body died
like nothin new , i'm dead to you
like nothin new , i'm dead to you

you'll be runnin' from the violent memories
and i'll be haunting you
beside you like a silent melody
i'll be haunting you

i won't complain , when you disappear
take all the blame, and all the fear
like nothin new , i'm dead to you
regret the fame, reclimb the hills
reverse the rain,resist the chills

like nothin new, i'm dead to you
there's not a day that goes by
that i dont complain
each bloody day, that goes by
i try to have some restraint

there's a million todays
but less and less tomorrrows
a billion ways to poorly plot distruction

(cause ya know ya gotta)
just keep you're cool and dont complain
nothin ever stays the same
(don't you know, you know )
there's light beyond the barricade
and you're gonna find you're way
(it aint' nothin, tho)
i'ts darkest down down the lonely path
but at the end the sun is there to stay
(you know)
theres light beyond the barricade
you should never be afraid

im not afraid to die
ill ride through the sky
and if ya can't turn the page
or hide , and decide to end your life
your time is tickin', you must destroy the enemy
take control and shoot through the heart
who's the victim and who is a friend to me
with no direction you've lost from the start

it's not a question of who's got their dignity
cause you got nothin' but somethin' to hide
just remember your friends become your enemies
it's best to keep some friends on the side

somethin' to hide (you got) somethin' to hide

well i'm the king of rock n roll alibi's
and you're the queen who's vaguely disguised
we are no longer friends, we are enemies
and you got nothin' but somethin' to hide

but i know yeh there's not much to say
as i'm walkin away from the road
as im told, yeh feeling's the same
and your always to blame so i'll go
we'll back down without falling down

somethin' to hide (you got) somethin' to hide

(there's something) as i wipe up the tears of a clown
(there's something) i'm left to decipher the crowd
(there's something) chemically upside down
(there's something) left you with something to hide
you take a pill to relax the right way
on the wrong day, i must say
i'd like to kill to increase the dismay
and it's this way, or none
you'll get ripped from the tree of life child
you'll get knifed child, you're wrong

i'd like to kill to increase the dismay
and it's this way, or none

go burn it down
go make it matter
yeh, tear it out
ubeta ugahta

you've got an itch for the common plauge son
you're the lone one, you're wrong
(ubeta ugahta)
you dig a ditch tryin' to see the unknown
out on you're own, you're wrong
(ubeta ugahta)
you'll go blind with a wretched distaste
and in this case, you're wrong
(ubeta ugahta)
curse the dark avenger
paint the dragons bones
bathe under the dungeon
fire on the road

wake the sleepless filthy
break into their homes
take it out avenge us
lose all control
( calling all)

rock survivors, livin' in the streets
no surrender, no defeat
rock survivors, in the streets
(swallow the millipedes)
no surrender, no defeat
(won't give up, we'll still believe)

bait the death destroyer
rape the devils clones
shape the putrid insides
fire on the road
show them no emotions
naked and alone
frolic in the vengence
lose all control
( callin all)

wer'e spinnin lost in time
and wer'e doin fine
keep killin while your free yeh, yeh
when you left, you left me nearly dead
you left me nearly dead,you left me nearly dead
up on the mountain,over edge
you left me over the edge
up on the mountain top
no sign,no end,nothin' on the mend
nothin' on the mend, no sign of the end
i'm still alive but you'll pretend
that i'm alive in the end, we've reached a dead end

and ive been holdin on to you
yeh ive been holdin on to you i know
its time i said goodbye, but its hard to do

you wanted nothin' but the best
yeh you wanted the best, you shoulda got the best
i wanted sex and drugs instead
ya know i wanted my drugs and sex i got enough
years later, every thing has changed
yeh things have changed, and tho ive rearranged
i'll take the blame, but feel the same
i couldn't stop the rain
up on the mountain top
evil within
devils inside of me
demons get out
murder is sympathy

left you bleeding beside me
i left you needing to die
your guts been cut by my sharp knife
this pain you can not deny
my love for killing grows stronger
none are sicker than i

so many here among us
bound up in human disgrace
your head i'd love to dismember
your ignorance i'll erase
lustful feeding at your grave
i'm sick, but savor the taste

evil within
devils inside of me
demons get out
murder is sympathy