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(Ginsburg) c DipGizzardsMusic/bmi


your time is tickin', you must destroy the enemy
take control and shoot through the heart
who's the victim and who is a friend to me
with no direction you've lost from the start

it's not a question of who's got their dignity
cause you got nothin' but somethin' to hide
just remember your friends become your enemies
it's best to keep some friends on the side

somethin' to hide (you got) somethin' to hide

well i'm the king of rock n roll alibi's
and you're the queen who's vaguely disguised
we are no longer friends, we are enemies
and you got nothin' but somethin' to hide

but i know yeh there's not much to say
as i'm walkin away from the road
as im told, yeh feeling's the same
and your always to blame so i'll go
we'll back down without falling down

somethin' to hide (you got) somethin' to hide

(there's something) as i wipe up the tears of a clown
(there's something) i'm left to decipher the crowd
(there's something) chemically upside down
(there's something) left you with something to hide


from CiG / ROCK N ROLL ALIBIS, released July 7, 2015
written,performed,produced,mixed and mastered by Chad I Ginsburg



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about Los Angeles, California

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